Antong Coffee Mill


Antong Coffee Mill is a show factory and historical site at Assam Kumbang in Taiping Town, located near the KTM Train Station. Established since 1933 by Aun Tong Sdn Bhd, the company dubs itself the oldest and most historical coffee mill in Malaysia. In fact, the villa next door (now the office) was once the abode of China revolutionary Sun Yat-Sen's Hong Kong-born mistress Chen Cuifen in the early nineties.

Open daily from 8.30am till 5.30pm (closed Sundays), the factory is open to public with a free guided tour of its facilities and coffee production. The villa and surrounding garden are populated with ancient trinkets, murals and antiques pertaining to coffee-making and Sun Yat-Sen. Finally, visitors can peruse a shopping gallery featuring their extensive coffee product range under the brand 'Antongcafe'.