Bukit Larut


Bukit Larut is Malaysia's oldest highland resort, established in 1884 as a colonial hill station that still retains much of its original landscape today. Formerly known as Maxwell Hill, Bukit Larut receives the most rainfall in the Peninsular - up to 4000mm annually. This unsually high amount of precipitation accounts for a strikingly diverse and lush rainforest that drapes the region.

Home to a high incidence of botanical endemics and wildlife, including the mountain serow, clouded leopard, tapir and tiger, the mountain is composed of several peaks - Gunung Hijau the highest at 1,500 meters. Meanwhile, temperatures range from 25 °C in day to 15°C at night, ideal for a cooling mountain getaway.

Jeeps that ferry visitors to the peak depart daily from the foothills at Lake Garden, with limited seats available at a nominal cost. Accommodation is also available on the mountain top in a small number of government and private bungalows. A small cafe serves local food here, with a view of nearby flower gardens and the horizon.