Charcoal Factory

Kuala Sepetang

The charcoal factory is a major tourist attraction at Kuala Sepetang open to public. The mangrove trees that grow abundantly towards Kuala Sepetang are part of a massive coastal reserve for sustainable mangrove wood harvest, stretching from Kuala Gula to Pantai Remis in the south. These mangrove trees are felled mostly for producing premium charcoal that is exported primarily to Japan.

A family business established since 1930, the factory uses traditional mound-shaped brick kilns that bake wood over a month into charcoal. Strong vapours will shoot out from tiny slits around the kiln, which are then collected into a dark tannin-rich liquid via condensation for producing other useful products. Souvenir charcoal stumps can be bought here at the end of a visit or tour activity.