Kuala Langat

Jugra is a sleepy village town near Banting, situated at the foot of a historical hill near the coast, about 45km north of Bagan Lalang and 50km away from Kuala Lumpur. It was once the royal seat of Selangor in colonial times, the former palace still standing today. Among locals, it's known as 'See Ham San' or 'Cockle Hill' in Chinese, a name that originates from the area's abundance of shellfish a long time ago.

Its focal point is Bukit Jugra, a 146-meter high hill with a lighthouse overlooking the village and Kuala Langat River that hosts paragliding activities. Finally, a famous restaurant at the foothill produces Jugra's signature 'Beggar's Chicken', an ancient dish from China made by baking whole chickens (wrapped in paper with herbs) in crude brick kilns.