Mah Meri

Pulau Carey

Mah Meri Cultural Village is a living museum dedicated to the Mah Meri people, an Orang Asli native tribe found along west of Peninsular Malaysia. These aborigines live mostly along the west coast of Selangor from Sungai Pelek up to Pulau Carey, a large flat island the size of Singapore where the cultural village is located - isolated from the mainland only by a mere bridge connected to Port Klang.

Famed for their wood carving skills, the Mah Meri produce intricate sculptures, statues and masks of ethnic design that are recognised at UNESCO level. They also participate in colourful rituals and vibrant dances that visitors may observe on a tour package. Open daily from 10am till 6pm, entry is booking only, but the adjacent Mah Meri village (Kampung Bumbun) has handicraft stalls to explore anytime.