Tin Mines

Sungai Lembing

Sungai Lembing Mines is believed to be the largest underground tin mine complex in the world, with a network of tunnels totalling 322km in length down to a depth of 700 meters. First established in 1888, it was known as 'El Dorado of the East' at the peak of the world's tin industry, yielding more than 100,000 tonnes of tin ore over 100 years. Tin prices collapsed in 1986, leading to the mines' closure.

Today, parts of the mine have been refurbished into a museum, making it one of Sungai Lembing's top attractions. Visitors will ride a tram into the tunnel to visit the complex, where guides are stationed inside to provide detailed explanations along with a variety of mining exhibits to explore - some interactive. Open daily from 9am till 6pm, an entrance fee is charged.