Tasik Chini


Tasik Chini is the second largest freshwater lake in Malaysia, located about 100km away from Kuantan. Composed of 12 interconnected water bodies encompassing 12,565 hectares, Tasik Chini hosts over 138 species of flora, 300 species of non-aquatic vertebrates and 144 species of fresh water fish. As a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site, the lake is an important wetland conservation area.

According to locals, a mythical dragon lives in the murky depths, but between August and September, the lake is draped with lotus blooms. Boat tours are available all-year-round to catch this phenomenon as also explore the surrounding vegetation, islands, river and visit the Orang Asli (native Jakun tribe) village at Cendahan. Other recreational activities include fishing and paddling canoes around the lake.